Ryabushkin_001Q: What is this site about?

A: The greatest works of literature and culture that I can find and post here – online  — for free.

I may also post links to great sites, great discussions or tutorials or great literature out on the web.


 (All literature and images are in the public domain and are either from Project Gutenberg, Wikimedia Commons or other public domain sites (thank you, btw!)

Some—photos especially—may be my own, which may also be used freely by anyone, anywhere.

I am doing this as a labor of love (not $) and hope that you enjoy the site! If you have any comments you’d like to make, I’d love to hear them!

Regarding links—I have listed links to sites that I think are wonderfully informative and important. If you do not want me to link to your site, or would like me to direct readers to another area on your site, please let me know.  I am new to all of this, but will get the hang of it eventually!

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by—and enjoy!!!

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